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Join One Man's Conscious Journey to Seed Deep, Meaningful, and Lasting Positive Impact within Our World.


Chad McMillan Business Consciousness Meditation Presence

Chad McMillan is an awoken conscious spirit with over a decade of direct experience turning around start-up public companies from nearly every capacity, including executive management, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, digital marketing, corporate communications, investor relations, and new media.  He has led and been involved in a number of multi-million dollar financings, merger, acquisition and joint venture transactions, and in his greatest success turned a company around from a $1 million dollar valuation to a high of a $26 million dollar valuation based on legitimate fundamentals.

All of this said, several years ago on his solo business travels McMillan began to feel a call to explore deeper, and spent over 15 months working directly with a practicing shaman, guided to remove his own personal and inner blockages, and heeded to explore his own inner compass, intuition and life path by following his heart.  Feeling deeply into what many would describe as a kundalini awakening, he quit drinking, changed his diet, purged the elements of his life that didn't feel right, and embraced a deeply heart felt path to realize, become, and grow further into his ultimate life purpose; to realize his highest possible vibrating version of his deepest creative self in every moment.  To be fully aware and present, in direct communication with the source energy of the universe, here and now.

Subsequent to, McMillan packed his bags and embarked on a solo pilgrimage from the westcoast of Canada that took him as far south as northern Panama, all by land.  On his quest he camped in the great outdoors, rode a bike across southern California, drove the Baja (and got stuck in the desert), rode out the direct hit and aftermath of a major hurricane, meditated on ancient pyramids, and explored deep into and through many of his own perceived fears and limitations.

Today, while working remotely and able to move about freely in every respect, McMillan lends his expertise to powerful and awakening spirits, projects, and companies, that are seeking a touch of deeper magic, all the while honouring his greatest creative draws to express himself through his adventures and the arts.  

A full outline of his various activities and services are below.  Please explore the site and feel free to connect if you have any questions or inquiries.

Until then, all the best on your own journey..

“This is the real secret of life -- to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”

― Alan W. Watts


There are two key aspects I understand to be cornerstones of our life experience; understanding ourselves, and living presently.  Interestingly, I find these two elements to resonate equally importantly in the arts..  Once we know and understand our own center, then it can never be taken away.  We hold our space, and we communicate into this universe from it, terrified, but without fear.  Once we have arrived, then we allow ourselves the permission to play..

Film, Television, Commercial and Print work is serious business, but it is also my creative playground..

(All booking requests will be forwarded to my Agent, Esther Cohen, at Carrier Talent Management for consideration).



I participate in very select early stage financings of inspiring and aspiring start-up companies, and well as keep my own mind flowing with a few new startup ideas of my own.

While I may have a number of start-up projects in development, my primary focus is currently on portfolio holding and corporate turnaround client Imagination Park Entertainment (cse: IP).  Imagination Park is a feature film and virtual reality project incubator, accelerator, and producer, working with up and coming independent film makers to help them take their projects to the next level.  To learn more about Imagination Park, please visit


To be clear, I am spiritual, not religious.  I believe in a higher power, but I also believe that higher power is sourced within me.  That said, I respect all sources of a person's faith, so long as that faith does no harm to others..

I have been blessed with deep intuitive gifts and a keen third eye of awareness that assists me everyday along my path.  I am connected to many other powerful spirits and am grateful for my own opportunities to connect with psychics, shaman, healers, and medium along my journey, undergo my own kundalini awakening, and embark on a nearly year long solo spiritual pilgrimage to explore the secrets of the universe (now subject of a documentary that is currently in the works).

If you are feeling called to realize and embrace the higher vibrating, ascending versions of yourself; to connect deeper with your soul, then perhaps explore my abilities a little further in this regard and I may be able to assist you along your way.. 

My growing video insights series is my way of giving back; a free open community sharing of wisdom gained through a real vast variety of life experiences that I believe and hear regularly deeply resonate with others.

If you are interested in learning more about my perspectives on life, business, and the cosmos, I invite you to please explore my blog to dive deeper.

I have been blessed with a deep business pedigree since I was a young age, riding to sporting events as a kid with my father, talking about the next possible billion dollar deal.  I am eternally grateful for the wisdom I have accumulated over the years, both through osmosis as well as my own direct experience running both private and public companies in nearly every executive and administrative capacity.  If you are an up and coming entrepreneur looking for guidance on how to plan and execute your dream idea, explore my business mentoring and coaching services here so I may be able to help you along your way..

From time to time I publish new books on a variety of topics I'm interested and experienced in, both in hardcopy and audio book format.  Learn more about any of my published works by clicking on the links below..


          Now Available!




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*I Stand Behind my Work.  Enjoy 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are Unsatisfied with the Penny Stock Bible.

I am always on the lookout for interesting ways to give back and contribute to our local, regional and international communities.  Truly, we are all connected.  Please connect with me if you feel I may be of assistance to you and your mission..

I have had the pleasure of knowing Chad for nearly five years and have interacted with him in various capacities over that time. Chad has come to be a trusted source on marketing, early-stage finance, and capital markets. His experience as an entrepreneur and company starter has provided him with the on-hands experience that can only be learned in the field - for this I highly regard him as an advisor and someone that can help a company tell a better story, raise capital, and build a great company.
— James Black VP, Listings Development at CSE - Canadian Securities Exchange
Chad is a true entrepreneur – creative, energetic, positive and independent thinking. As an entrepreneur himself, he understands the process and is a good sounding board for new ideas and concepts and helping ideas get off the ground and take flight.
— Ryan Fletcher, Director and Co-Founder, Montan Mining
“Chad has been an invaluable mentor to me. His expertise, wisdom and knowledge in not only the business packaging and building sectors but also in connecting and communicating with potential partners, is mind blowing. He is constantly evolving and passionately moving forward in his own endeavours, and yet he always makes time to help others.

He comes from a very loving, open and brilliant place, which makes every moment working with him incredibly inspiring and enlightening. He is always available to guide and support me, with patience and faith in who I am and what I am building. I am infinitely grateful to have such a phenomenal mentor.
— Ashleigh Gryzko, Producer/Writer/Actor
I feel that with Chad’s help I have a clearer understanding of what’s needed to contend in the business world and I look forward to more time spent learning and growing with him as a business associate and adviser in the future.
— Shane Dobie, Fighter's Fitness
You are so inspiring and going to help others do the same. You are a leader and a visionary and going to change so many lives, as you do already.
— Kate Matthews, DJ/World Traveller
Because of you I get stop and realize everything around me is much more simple then I make it seem.
— Tamanna Ghazvini, Senior Director, Sales, at SendtoNews
You continue to inspire and remind of us of what we need to be reminded of.
— Yvonne Futter
I hope you plan to write a book.
— Charmaine Horvath
Maybe there’s hope In humanity after all.
— Jason Clegg

Instagram @chadmcmillan



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